2nd Year BA Design

Z.A.O. (Zombies, Aliens and Others)

Goldsmiths university

October 2018 (four weeks project)

        There was a lot of noise, the noise was deafening.     Not the outer noise, not the politicians, not the media, but the noise of the human Other.        ICPS feeds off the whispers of those who are too tired, tired of not being heard, those, who through the complexities of our society that the privileged among us have failed to confront, have been left with no addressee for their demands.        This network is gathering and growing.     It is learning, processing,     And day by day     Hour by hour,     Vulnerabilities are transforming into strength.

Starting with thinking about how to be othered we thought about the silent treatment we are given when disappointing someone and the strong feeling of shame and otherness it creates. We then agreed on two main interests, sleep and power.

Sleep has become an elusive luxury. Modern society glorifies busyness, long hours, and early rising as badges of honour. As a result, much of the world population has adjusted to an “underslept” and thus, underperforming state of functioning.

The project involved our embodiment of the ‘Pillow People’ on the streets of central London. Dressed in pillowklavas and pyjamas we engaged in and recorded conversations surrounding ideas of sleep with the general public. This was documented as part of an archive investigating the speculative history and present movements of these characters. It also revealed the organisation’s master plan to send all of London to sleep in a unifying state of unproductivity.


The Natural History Museum

Goldsmiths university

February-March 2019 (six weeks project)

Brief by the Natural History Museum:

The Natural History Museum is home for 80 million specimens and most of them are digitally archived within a Data Portal. But the issue is that these are named in Latin which only makes it possible for scientist to find their way through the maze of boxes and aisles.In order to make the archive more accessible and understandable for the general public we unravelled the networks between the ingredients and the insects that are playing an important role in their production.  

Our project:

In order to make the archive more accessible and understandable for the general public we unraveled the networks between the ingredients and the insects that have a role in their production.

The supermarket and food industry provides us with a space where people daily engage with the specimens and where the archive is archived and consumed in real life.

There are functional and visual parallels between the supermarket and the archive. One hyper interactive and the other unreachable. They are organised in aisles, categories and shelves. One we consume and one we don’t. So what happens when we speculate on consuming the natural history museum archives?

We filmed a cooking show, using archive-like methods, that would illustrate the networks around each ingredient. For examples, the pollination of cacao flower is only possible by littles midges, Forcipomyia.

Our full movie can be found here

Rapid Response one week project

Goldsmiths university
February 2019 (one week project)

Starting from a clip from a well-known movie, which depicted an action or effect used to communicate unexpected plot twists or extraordinary skills, we had to create a 2-3 minute film which creatively and blatantly remakes our reference material, “Death Become Her”.

Keep the effect
Change the location
Change the character
Change the plot.

We created a narrative between a janitor and a flight of stairs where the character falls in love with the stairs. After filming we had to record sounds to complete the images. We used potatoes for the fall, a pickle slaped on a hand and we brushed some metal.

Find the video on youtube here