1st Year BA Design


Goldsmiths university
February 2018 (one week project)

The Middleman for charities

How many charities do you donate to? If none, do you know anyone who does? On average, 55% of people donate to UK charities in a typical month. This is a huge number of people - over 33 million.

So where is the money going? Can we trust these charities? And can we really trust our own spending habits. With so many donations going to so many charities, it can be hard to keep track of your spending, and donation spending can easily mount up.

Our plan is to shift focus onto smaller, more easily inspected and trusted smaller charities working for the good of the local community.

We plan to feature a page where all of a user’s donations are presented in one place, so they can easily check every donation and make sure they’re spending the amount that they want to.

You Nerver Quite Forget

Goldsmiths univerity
April-May 2018 (Five weeks project)

For my project I started by looking at how we can make someone else’s memory ours and how people stole another culture during the time of the colonisation of Congo. In 1870 Belgium and Holland invaded Congo and Indonesia and took, amongst everything else, the art of traditional wax coloured fabric. Because it was an expensive technique, Holland took the art back to Europe, opened big industries and stared the mass production of the fabric to then export it back to Africa and sell it for a much lower prince than traditional fabrics. Those times are still a sensible subject and a painful memory, carried from generation to generation.

As Belgian, I felt emotionally connected to the stories I heard and what I learnt. My project is a reconciliation piece. I used traditional European quilting technics mixed with traditional African fabric that a woman in Peckham gave me. She told me about the story her grandparents told her and was very helpful. She also told me that before the colonization, every fabric had a name and every pattern had a meaning. They were symbolising an important event, or a memory and their names were often emotions. Because of the mass production, the authenticity of the material was removed. Therefore, I choose the quilting pattern “Inner City”, for me a city symbolises a mix of culture and nationalities.