Making Future

House der Statistik
September 2019

Making futures Summer School is an action research project that addresses questions of architecture as a collective form and architecture as a resource. The project is a collaboration between Raumlabor and the Berlin University of the Arts. The aim of the project is to get away from the outdated vision of architecture that places the practice into clear boxes as well as learn to see architecture on various scales, bodies, buildings, cities.

‘’delivering a lecture, preparing a meal or building a bench all become acts of equal importance’’.

Over two weeks, we have lived, worked and learned together. We created our own little society within a building that hadn’t been in use for the past ten years.

So much so, that I left the school wondering one thing...

Before the summer school the building was occupied by squats, which are also a community so were we pushing away and taking the shelter of one community to create another one? A more convenient one or even prettier?

Video of the summer school by PLANE-SITE here

Die Brüste Des Tiresias
May - July 2019

The Theater akademie August Everding Munich, is part of the Bavarian Theater Academy. Its ideas are to create an academic teaching theatre for various stage vocations under one roof. 

I assited for two months the stage design team and helped in the conception and creation of the decor for the piece Die Brüste Des Tiresias.

It was very interesting to discover the complexity of putting a theatre piece together. About 50 people were working on the project and each had its defined role. With such a big group, it is primordial to listen to each other and to have a good and open communication.

This placement allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the practice of stage design, Understand the different aspects and processes of the production. For example, how to design the stage and the props following a certain aesthetic as well as how to serve as a functional place.

Tomorrow’s Great Pageant

February - April 2019

Tomorrow’s Great Pageant was a socially charged participatory project initiated by Post Workers Theatre and supported by Ray Filar, Emma Frankland and Claudia Jeffries.  Together, over a period of three months we worked with  members of the community to write and produce a new play that addresses issues around suffrage and gender for the 21st century. The project launched during LGBTQ+ month at The Place, Bedford and seeks to give voice to new and emerging ideas on positions of gender.

Film and pictures by Andy Willsher.


Time Machine
Fashion show

May 2016

At the end of every year students of my school (EeB3) would organize various activities to fundraise. In 2016, I took part in the Fashion Show, the theme was “Time Machine”. I devoloped and created two costumes inpired by a sand-timer and a clock.
This was a very enriching project as I dicoverd through the process of creating,sewing and stitching the dresses,my passion for textiles, colours and textures.