My work this year, in brief :

// Disturbing temporalities //

I experienced with different actions of care on the soil in my garden in London. These actions were time consuming and needed repeating, their effects would only show in a distant future, if regularly performed. I realised, not only I enjoyed the feeling of caring for something non-human, but the repeated action of caring for soil had a relaxing effect on me.

Design is often restricted in terms of thinking about time in relation to progress, our relationship to time is often more linear and progressive. The way Bellacasa talks about soil*, disrupts the way we are used to think of time and progress.

Through the repetitive action of soil-care in my garden in London, at the community garden and later on in Brussels, I have realised that I now think of soil-care as an action that sits in a different temporality.
I am right now, in the present, taking care of the soil, which was created thousand years ago, while thinking of the benefits my repeated actions will have in the future.

I am acting in the present, using the past, thinking of the future.

*Puig de la Bellacasa, M. (2015). Making time for soil: Technoscientific futurity and the pace of care. Social Studies of Science, 45(5), 691-71

Performing care becomes care for yourself            Performing care becomes care for yourself             Performing care becomes care for yourself           Performing care becomes care for yourself